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Art, Education and Entertainment

More than just lights, the Lantern Festival boasts six weeks of performance, hands-on activities and food.



The Martial Art Wushu features extraordinary exhibitions of strength, speed, body control and weapons precision.

Face Changing

A performer changes masks quicker than you can blink in this 300-year tradition of the Sichuan Opera.


A high art form dating back thousands of years, acrobatic contortion blends strength, grace and a near super-human control of the body.


A tradition in China built around virtuosic displays of balance, agility and coordination using twirling ropes with lighted globes.

Plate Spinners

One of China’s traditional performing arts, plate spinners must have exceptional concentration and balance.


This 800-year-old yo-yo discipline involves a huge number of tricks involving string, stick and various parts of the performer’s body.

Sept. 16 - Oct. 30, 2016 | Riverfront Park Clocktower Meadow

  • Two nightly performances
    6:30pm & 8:30pm Sunday through Thursday and 7pm & 9pm Friday and Saturday.


Dinosaur Rides

Kids can ride on the back of a ferocious, child-sized mechanical dinosaur!
Free | Age and size limitations apply


Child-focused stories will be featured at certain displays and before performances. Prizes for kids who answer questions correctly!

Lantern Painting

Give your child the hands-on experience of painting his or her own chinese lantern.
Lantern purchase required

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Confucius display

Depicts China’s greatest teacher with a group of young students.

Kong Rong display

The story of Kong Rong giving up pears is a classic story life lesson taught to all Chinese children.

San Bai Qian display

Depicts kids learning from the famous 800-year-old children’s textbook that embodies Confucius’ teachings.

Wang Xiang Carp Story display

Depicts a story of a child’s devotion to his family taught to all chinese children for over 8 centuries.

Wang Xizhi Calligraphy display

Depicts China’s first artist calligrapher training a student over 2,000 years ago.